Dynamic page Routing and dynamic SEO meta

It would be great to have dynamic page routing and SEO meta tags that change based on the rendered query. Let’s say I need to build something like Zocdoc. I need to have:

  1. Dynamic Routing : A dynamic page for every service (dynamically because I don’t want to create a collection for doctors, another one for dentists and so on…if I have hundreds or more). All I need is to be able to have this kind of nested URL structure : **[website.com/{service}/{city}] (as you would understand, everything in brackets is dynamic so I’d lookup my data source based on that).

  2. Dynamic meta information. Again for this example, titles would be something like “Best Dentists in Québec City” and some dynamic description. Again based on the query.

Hi Theo!
We are now working on the state management and guidelines for working with states and APIs.
Having solved this task, we will start implementing dynamic pages and page metadata.
State management in Quarkly will handle the work of implementing data in dynamic pages and components.

Stay tuned and thanks for your attention to the project!:wink:

That's an awesome answer. Thank you! Can't wait to check that out!