Errors that have been fixed in the past reappear

I'm not sure if the cache is working or not, but the error I got in the past is coming up again.
When I check the code, it's already been fixed, so there's no problem.
When I refresh the page, the errors stop appearing.
The past errors that appear are errors that have occurred since I visited the editor and occur again. (For example, if I use the editor in the morning and an error occurs in the morning, suddenly the same error may occur in the afternoon.)
No reproducibility. Frequency is high. Occurs at least once a day.

Thank you! We will check it!

Could you attach a link to the issue that you mentioned or explain how did you get this error?
That is necessary to reproduce it and help you.

It's very difficult to explain this.
The reason is that errors have occurred in the past, and errors occur on a whim.
You can't aim for them to occur, and I don't think that showing the correct code and past errors will solve the problem.
The error occurs over time, so I'm sorry, but all I can say is that the error occurs.

Thank you! We will monitor the situation to track down these phantom bugs