How to close the QuarklycommunityKitPopup

How can I close a button with code without clicking on the close button or an external overlay?

At the moment, it cannot be done without changing the component code. We will add this possibility in the next update.

By what condition should it close? After a certain time or by clicking another button inside the popup.

The more options you have, the better.
In my case, it is a button.

What do you mean it is possible by changing the code of the component?
Is it possible to implement it on my side? Can I implement it here, or do I need to change it there?

By the way, when is the next update?

I mean, in its current form, the component doesn't have that capability. We need to code it.

The code for this component is on the public repository. You can suggest changes, or write your own React component and use it in Quarkly.

Today, but the addition of new functionality at your request will not be until tomorrow.

I understand. Please let me know when the close function is added.