How to route when previewing

The page does not change when I use to props in the href or link components. How can I get the page to change?

Hi! If I understand correctly, you can navigate through the pages by selecting the appropriate one in the Pages and Layers panel.
If I misunderstood, please describe the sequence of actions and the result you expect.

I'm trying to do page transitions by code.
Testing the routing behavior of web pages.
For example, if it is normal, setting href="/" should change the page to home/index, but the page does not change.
Using react-router-dom does not change the page.
How can I navigate through the pages by clicking on links like on a web site?

Could you please past here an example of code how you try to do the redirect.

<Link to="/">Home</Link>.
local.href = "/"

This is used in the DOM and functions.

useHistory does not work right now, we will prepare a fix soon.
For now you can use Link component for this purpose. But it will work only on published site.

We fix that bug. You can now navigate through internal links in preview mode.