If you use to in link, all paths will be '/' paths

This has been occurring since the service update.
It seems to work if you use href; to does not work. Is it now unsupported?

Hi! Could you give an example? Our new updates should not affect the href props, this is just about page setting/URL.

Clicking in the editor preview will link to https://quarkly.io/preview#/ .

日本語を少しわかります。 すみません、どこに問題があるの分かりませんから、日本語で問題を説明してください。

<Link to={/signup}>Hello</Link>

For example
<Link to={/signup}>Hello</Link>
If you click on
you will be linked to .


@shibusen_4242564 Probably, we have found the bug. Could you please watch the screencast video and tell us if it's your case? Did you do the same actions?

I think it's probably the same cause.
In my case, it happens with the code I entered myself.
I don't know what's going on internally, but the bug shown in the attached video seems to occur not only with the GUI operations, but also with the code I input.

We fixed that bug (from the video I sent before), which may solve your problem, too. Could you check it please? If it's not your bug, please record screencast so that we can reproduce and fix it.

Unfortunately, it has not been resolved.
Please refer to the video below.
I also found another distorting bug. to props is replaced by another props.
When I used to in the page code, it redirected to a 404 page.
I didn't take a video, but if you use to props in a component, it links to the root page as described in the previous reply.


Quarkly officially doesn't support props 'to'. You have to use props 'href' instead of.

I see. It's a shame, because it was working until now.

It was an undocumented feature.