If you use to in link, all paths will be '/' paths

This has been occurring since the service update.
It seems to work if you use href; to does not work. Is it now unsupported?

Hi! Could you give an example? Our new updates should not affect the href props, this is just about page setting/URL.

Clicking in the editor preview will link to https://quarkly.io/preview#/ .

日本語を少しわかります。 すみません、どこに問題があるの分かりませんから、日本語で問題を説明してください。

<Link to={/signup}>Hello</Link>

For example
<Link to={/signup}>Hello</Link>
If you click on
you will be linked to .


@shibusen_4242564 Probably, we have found the bug. Could you please watch the screencast video and tell us if it's your case? Did you do the same actions?

I think it's probably the same cause.
In my case, it happens with the code I entered myself.
I don't know what's going on internally, but the bug shown in the attached video seems to occur not only with the GUI operations, but also with the code I input.