Project freeze bug

When I was editing a component file and saved the code, the save progress bar stopped halfway through and froze.
After that, every time I opened the project, it froze and I couldn't create anything.
If I leave it frozen, a modal opens and asks if I want to wait or close it.
Even before the freeze, there was a malfunction where the progress bar would occasionally stop, which was uncomfortable. At that time, it would improve by reloading, but eventually it froze and I couldn't operate it anymore.
It may be a problem with the code I wrote for this project, or it may be that I added more code and it took longer to load, leading to the freeze.

By the way, before the freeze
import 'cirrus-ui'
code before the freeze.

I've attached a video of the freeze.

Hi! Thank you for your post. We will check it. Can you reupload your video, because the link is broken ( Access denied).

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In order to understand exactly, сould you send the share link of the project in direct message?

The same problem as here, the answer is the same

Is that what caused the bug?

Yes. By the way, errors can be found in the debugger

Okay, I understand. Thank you very much.