Release Notes: May and June 2021 Updates

Guide for developers

Lessons on how to develop apps, make components for Quarkly.
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New buttons for adding items

You can now bring up the context menu for adding items next to each item, and add a new item above, below, and inside the existing item (wherever there is an option to add an item).

New controls

New controls for properties and groups: display, flex, flex-child, grid, grid-child, overflow, background, and position.

Private GitHub repositories

Now the default repository will be private when you create it.

New login and registration system

You can sign up via email.

The default project styles now offer box-sizing: border-box.

Default override

In the overrides, now there's an option to specify the default one. It shows up as the first on the list.

Bug fixes

– Bug fix of the App Touch Icon in the console on websites;
– Bug fix of the space in the image file name;
– Bug fixes of the component catalog;
– Bug fixes of the components.