Release Notes: September, October, and November 2021 Updates

Subscription Plans

We introduced subscription plans to Quarkly accounts. To learn more, please visit the Pricing page.
All users became the holders of the Free Plan that comes with the following limits: 2 projects, 5 pages, 5 code components in a project and 500MB or 100 files of hosting. Existing projects can be edited. For them, limits will take effect when new pages or components are added.

We're also planning to add individual plans for projects. They will extend the limits for a specific project and come at a lower price compared to account subscriptions. Project subscriptions will be a good solution for those who have one or several projects and don't require possibilities of the account project.


We added several templates that you can use as a starting point for your project. Mostly these are one-page sites.

That's why we removed Website Example and Onboarding Tutorial from default projects. We're planning to add them to the templates.


New blocks will be added to the catalog.

Extended Sharing

Now you can delete project members, and recreate the share link.

Structure primitive

That's a foundation for blocks. With this component, you can create a base for content with a flexible grid.

Wireframe blocks

We added 46 structured blocks. That's a perfect foundation for creating your custom blocks. You can move any primitives and components into the cells.

The subcomponent structure appeared

Before, on the layer panel, all subcomponents had a flat structure. Now the correct nesting is displayed.


Drop places

New possibility for developers. You can place cells inside components where you can drop other elements.



  • Defaults were changed in primitives

  • Now the values of the selected page view options are saved (input fields in Viewbar)

Viewbar bug fixes:

  • If width and height change, zoom is the same

  • Popular values are now used for width and height

  • For breakpoints, you can use the sizes of popular mobile devices

Bug fixes

– Code editor bug fixes: problems adding the "data-quarkly-id" attribute and carriage return issues

– Fix of the issue with the "/" sign at the end of the page URL

– Fix of the issue with uploading modules from npm

– Fix of the issue with moving a page into another page

– Fix of the issue with re-rendering layers when page settings (SEO) are changed

– Fix of the issue with the Structure primitive, now "detach" doesn't reset cell styles

– Fix of the issue with incorrect operation of history

– Fix of the issue with failed publication due to the Structure primitive